Lamonte Hayes


Lamonte G. Hayes | The founder of BWP Marketing has spearhead the strategic marketing and rollout of clients and has positioned some the biggest artists and their brands across the world for the past 20 years. He oversees marketing activates across platforms including advertising campaigns, promotions, online initiatives, activations and the development of integrated promotional packages to enhance everyone’s initiatives.

As an analytical brand builder who specializes in lifestyle and consumer brands he delves deeply into consumers’ mindsets, analyzing insights to understand the customer journey:  what makes a target interested in, try, fall in love with, and then become loyal to a brand. His experience spans categories including music, tobacco, telco, spirits and other beverages, and apparel.

Before creating Big Willie Promotions and Marketing he served as a promotions director at several major recording companies which include BlackGround Records, Def Jam Recordings, MCA Records, Motown Records RCA Records and Virgin Records. Promotional endeavors at these companies include music initiatives featuring Mary J. Blige, Common, Aaliyah, India Aire, LL Cool J, Tyrese and Janet Jackson.   In these roles, his participation with the marketing and promotional teams who were responsible for the creation, development and execution of a variety of marketing and promotional programs. His first experience in marketing began at Pepsi-Cola and Reebok International where he was charged with marketing their brands to their perspective targeted audiences.

Mr. Hayes is a graduate of Tennessee State University, having earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. He is a Member of America Marketing Association (AMA), Promotions and Marketing Association (PMA) and National Association of Record Industry Record Professionals (NARP)